Works in Progress

The Medium Girl


For all those middle children with very sweet big brothers...

"I am not big. I am not small. So what does that make me? I guess that makes me medium but what does that even mean?"

-The Medium Girl

The Worry Box


Faith based story about collecting all your worries and giving them to Jesus so that you can be free!

"For me the worry starts

With just one little thing

It won't let me go

Poking, prodding, nagging"

-The Worry Box

No Fear Here


If you have met Cece, you know this one is for her!

"Wouldn't it be nice to never be afraid, give all your fears to Jesus and let him be your strength."

- No Fear Here

Where's my Monsters?


One of Greyson's favorites. He knows it by heart and did all the illustrations one night while succeeding in getting out of bedtime. 

Opposite Day


A fun twist of extremes in a book about opposite days with a boy who missed the memo!



Various poems and some still in progress.

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