School Visits

Thank you for your interest in hosting a school visit! I love the opportunity to be in the classroom and interact with the audience I write for. 

My school visits are currently geared for a classroom setting (max of 40-50 kids) preschool-1stgrade. 

During my visit:

  • I interact with students as much as possible
  • We talk about the process of writing a book
  • I read one of my books 
  • And finally, the kids pick all five elements of a story and get to challenge my story telling skills. This is the most fun part and kids love seeing their ideas come to life! I recently told a story about a goat who lived in a barn and was scared by a spider until he was saved by a  hungry chicken! I won’t spoil the ending of that one, let’s just say it was unpredictable!  

I typically ask that each classroom schedule me for no less than 30 minutes. I can move from classroom to classroom but am limited to a total time of 2 hours per day. I find that scheduling 3 class visits within that time works best. The cost of a 2 hour visit is $200. I send out a pre-order form along with some helpful tips to get the students excited for my time! 

There are other options of doing school events during a schools "book week" etc. For these types of events we can figure out the details based on the school and event. 

IF you are interested in a visit, please contact me